BPD Engineering Services is driven by a highly skilled core of designers with significant industry experience in major estates and associated works such as wetlands, retarding basins, trunk sewers, main drainage systems and major roadworks.

An experienced and stable workforce contributes significantly to our reputation for delivering projects to the satisfaction of our clients. Our hands on approach of Directors and senior management ensure all clients have direct access and all projects are effectively managed.

civil engineering

  • Rural and Urban Roads and Drains
  • Streetscapes
  • Carparks
  • Sewer and Water Reticulation
  • Trunk Mains and Outfalls
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Infrastructure Facilitation
  • Earthworks Design and Volumes


  • Construction / Contractual Advice
  • Tendering and Contract Management
  • Contract Documentation
  • Quantities and Schedules
  • Site Management Plans
  • Superintendent Role
  • Field Audits

project management

  • Site Analysis
  • Preliminary Costing & Feasibility Assessment
  • onsultant Management
  • Project Land Sourcing and Assembly
  • Project Team Management


  • Medium Density
  • Drainage Design
  • Lakes, Wetlands and Water Features
  • Retarding Basins and Detention Systems
  • Water Sensitive Urban Design


  • Sustainability Planning
  • Sustainable Development Assessments
  • Environmental Management Plans and Systems

With the emphasis on Environmentally Sustainable Development more and more these days, Breese Pitt Dixon has embraced the concept of stormwater treatment and quality. To this end, we have expanded our skill set to embrace all aspects of Water Sensitive Urban Design and water quality modelling.

We offer a full design service, from concept and design through to finished product, satisfying Best Practice Water Quality Treatment standards as required by Melbourne Water Corporation.

  • Environmental Planning and Approvals
  • Environmental Management Systems
  • Landfill Design
  • Environmental Assessments
  • Alternative Waste Technologies
  • Waste Avoidance Strategies
  • Hazardous Waste Management
  • Land Regeneration
  • Water Resources / Hydraulics
    • Medium Density Hydraulics
    • Flood Plain Management Studies
    • Urban Stormwater Quality Management Plans
    • Irrigation and Drainage Design
    • Water Balances
    • Water Quality Modelling
    • Lakes, Wetlands and Water Features
    • Retarding Basins and Detention Systems
    • Ground Water Modelling
    • Water Sensitive Urban Design
    • Water Recycling
    • Creek and River Modelling
    • Rainfall Runoff Modelling
    • Golf Course Waterways and Lakes
    • Fire Water Systems Design

BPD has a number of Licensed Surveyors heading a team of experienced field and office staff. Our Licensed Surveyors provide an in depth knowledge and understanding of the Victorian Land Tenure System and can offer expert advice and guidance in disputes over title boundaries as well as in the development of land in the form of subdivision.

The firm uses state of the art surveying equipment together with an extremely sophisticated computer network. The office runs Microstation as the core CAD package, together with ‘Geopak’ which is the Survey Module running within Microstation. This software has the ability to run data base linkages and writes and reads directly to AutoCAD.

The Surveying arm of Breese Pitt Dixon Pty Ltd performs all facets of Cadastral and Engineering Surveying including:

  • Title re-establishment Surveys
  • Feature and Level Surveys – Topographic Plan Production, Volume Determination
  • Engineering Surveys – Building and Engineering Set
    Out, Volume Surveys, Monitoring, Level Control
  • GPS Surveys – digital terrain modelling, monitoring, control network surveys, asset mapping
  • Floor Area (Tenancy Area) B.O.M.A. Surveys
  • Large and Small Land and Building Subdivisions – including High Rise and Body Corporate Subdivisions
  • Body Corporate Advice
  • Application for Amendment of Title to accord with occupation
  • Creation and Removal of Easements, Licences and Restrictions
  • Road Closures and Transfers
  • Asset Recording – Sewer, Water, Main Drainage

BPD provides a planning service which addresses the requirements of the Victorian Planning System associated with land subdivision. Development of land in the form of subdivision is facilitated by planning reports (including full ResCode submissions where applicable) to accompany Planning Permit Applications.

Where required by the Planning Scheme, our planning service can include the preparation of
Overall Development Plans prior to proceeding with Planning Permit Applications for subdivision. Further, BPD will prepare all the documentation required by the Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE) and Council, where a Planning Scheme amendment is necessary for a development to proceed; i.e. rezoning, removing the whole or part of an overlay etc.

  • Statutory and Strategic Planning associated with the subdivision of land
  • Applications for Planning Permits including full ResCode Analysis and Submissions
  • Preparation of Overall Development Plans
  • Planning Scheme Amendments (including Rezoning)
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Representation at VCAT to Appeal – Council’s ‘Failure to Grant’ a permit, Conditions placed on a Permit, Objections etc.

Urban Design to Breese Pitt Dixon is about striving for a balance between innovative design and realistic results, based on our clients’ project needs and budgets.

Having recently branched out into also producing Estate Landscape Plans and Tree Planting Schedules, the ever expanding Urban Design Component of Breese Pitt Dixon has an impressive repertoire of design services, of which are listed above.

Our Urban Designers work closely with Planners and Engineers alike in order to achieve detailed and accurate plans, with respect to planning scheme requirements and title restrictions. Further more, we pride ourselves on being receptive to our clients needs, but most importantly, combining creativity with realistic solutions to achieve our clients development goals.

  • Subdivision Design and Layouts
  • Strategic Plans
  • Urban Design Frameworks
  • Development Plans
  • Site Analysis Plans
  • Site Context Plans
  • Tentative Plans
  • Design Response Plans
  • Estate Plans
  • Display Village Plans
  • Sale Plans
  • Landscape Plans / Tree
  • Planting Schedules

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